I think we can all agree that Anthony Weiner is an idiot. In fact, he’s one of a long line of political idiots. And no matter how much I agree with his politics, I can’t ignore his idiocy. He’s a schmuck.

But here’s the thing — I kind of don’t care. As far as I can tell, all of the sexting was consensual, and everyone involved was an adult. There’s the question of what kind of asshole opens his wife up to that kind of humiliation, and that’s not something I can answer. If I were married to him, he’d be experiencing a very different kind of crotch shot right about now. But I’m not his wife, and I don’t know what sort of rules their relationship has. Not every marriage is built on monogamy.

“But Leah,” you say, “aren’t you always howling with rage when a conservative politician gets caught with his pants down? What kind of a double standard do you have? If you hate Mark Sanford for flying down to Rio (okay, it was Buenos Aires) to rendezvous with his mistress, you’ve got to hate Anthony Weiner for sexting. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite!”

But that word — hypocrite — is why I don’t think Weinergate is on the same level as Sanfordgate or Craiggate or any of the other Conservative Politiciangate sex scandals. Because Weiner never ran on policing morality. He doesn’t sponsor bills that punish women who get pregnant or raped, or LGBTQ couples who want to marry. He seems to think that what goes on in peoples’ bedrooms is their own damn business. And because he does that courtesy for me, I’ll do it for him.

So yes, he’s an idiot. And yes, I’m pissed — mainly because it seems absurd to me that these guys are so deluded by power that they NEVER think they’ll get caught with their pants down (literally). But this brand of idiocy? I don’t know if that impacts Mr. Weiner’s ability to do his job. So no, I don’t think he should resign. I think he should do everything in his power to make things up to his wife, but I don’t think he should quit his job. And it’s not because I hold him to a different standard than I do conservative politicians. It’s because I hold him to the same standard that he hold his constituents.


About Bloody Hell Leah

I'm a blue state girl in a red state world. Yes, I am in hell.

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