When Art Imitates (Pro-)Life

So, the LA Times had a post about a couple of anti-abortion movies looking for distributors despite Hollywood’s well-documented liberal bias. I’m going to try to contain my eye-rolling that in one, the evil abortionist is named Dr. Reaper, and in the other, the anti-abortion doctor is named Dr. Wise. Christ, the last time I saw symbolism that ham-handed, it was when I was forced to read “Young Goodman Brown” in English. (In Hawthorne’s defense, it was a long time ago and… You know what, screw it, nothing justifies a line like “My Faith is gone!”)

But what strikes me is this quote from Kenneth Del Vecchio, who wrote “The Life Zone”: “The clear message I’m sending as the filmmaker is that abortion is evil… Generally speaking, filmmakers, executives and actors hold very liberal points of view and this isn’t a topic that’s of interest to them. But I don’t care what Hollywood thinks.”

The implication here is that Hollywood is peddling abortion to the impressionable masses, and the combo deal at the multiplex now grants the recipient a bathtub-size soda, enough popcorn to choke a horse, and a 50-percent-off coupon for babykilling.

And you can sure see that pro-abortion, kill-the-fetus spirit in Knocked Up… No, wait, that didn’t happen. Well, in Juno… Nope, not there either. Hmm. Research time. To the internet!

Turns out almost every mainstream Hollywood movie or TV show that depicts unwanted pregnancy ends with the woman choosing to have the baby, OR with her having to pay dearly for it physically and/or emotionally if she chooses to terminate. You have to go back to Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982 –that’s 29 years ago) for an instance of a movie abortion that didn’t scar the woman (or the poor, beleaguered man forced to provide services to the wanton slut) for life. So yeah, clearly Hollywood is allllll about peddling abortion!

Here’s the thing, folks: Teenagers have sex, no matter how many adults tell us not to. They always have. And I’m not saying that’s always a good thing — let me tell you, there are plenty of people in my class who should not be passing on their genetic material to future generations — but it happens. And sometimes — especially when all knowledge of and access to contraception is blocked — someone ends up pregnant.

And when that happens, I can tell you that a hell of a lot of the pious, pearl-clutching parents of our lovely burg discover a bit of wiggle room in their stance on abortion. The whole school knew that our head cheerleader didn’t suffer from a recurring case of stomach flu last year after she and the quarterback knocked boots at the Homecoming dance. Three months and one sick day later, praise Jeebus, she’s miraculously cured!

And those girls aren’t skulking off, shame-faced, to some back-alley clinic to “take care of things.” Nope, mommy and daddy pack up the Range Rover and drive them to a discreet doctor, because they don’t want their darling daughters to “throw their lives away.”

Meanwhile, these same parents are advocating for this billboard to go up on the side of town where their maids and gardeners live. Because if any of those girls — you know, the poor, brown ones — get knocked up, well, its their own damn fault for being such irresponsible sluts, and they have to live with the consequences of their actions. And besides, they don’t have futures to throw away, right? Their future involves pushing out more babies and cleaning our houses in order to (barely) support them…just like God intended!



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I'm a blue state girl in a red state world. Yes, I am in hell.

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