“Wigger Wednesdays” and Casual Racisms o’ Today

Every fall, Red Wing High School celebrates Homecoming with “Dress Up Days.” “Wigger Wednesday” started in 2009 when a group of about 60 or 70 students decided to change “Tropical Day” that had students dressing in Hawaiian shirts to “Wigger Day.”

The school received some complaints, including one from [black student Quera] Pruitt, and responded by telling students to change out of their “wigger” attire. The students responded in protest by creating a Facebook page and called it “Wigger Wednesday” where students posted their intent to “keep wigger wednesday goin til that c*nt quits.”

via Minnesota School Sued For “Wigger Wednesday” | Care2 Causes.


Pruitt sued, and good for her. The school is denying all claims and saying it will fight. Of course they are.

I’m betting that the school administration will claim that they have no control over the spirited hijinks of those little scamps who are going around in virtual blackface. I’m also betting they didn’t say “This is unacceptable,” or “This is what racism looks like,” or “You are wrong, and you will be held accountable.” I’m betting no special assemblies were held to raise awareness and to help educate students on the ignorance of their behavior. I’m betting they just rolled their eyes and hoped that Pruitt would shut up and get over it — or get out.

I’m putting my big stack of chips on these assumptions because I know it would be — oh sorry, it already IS true here in S.G. For a certain group of unexplainably popular students, every day is “Wigger Wednesday.” Have you ever seen a bunch of suburban white kids try to talk and dress like their favorite rappers on 106 & Park? Yup, it’s ridiculous — but oddly tolerated (and even more horrifying, admired) in a town with a nearly negative African-American population. But even if kids decided to have “Cholopalooza” during Homecoming week at SGHS, I don’t think our majority Latino student population would have much luck shutting it down. There’s just too much institutionalized bigotry here for it to be worth most people’s energy to try to fight.

How did the pendulum swing so far from the somewhat humorless Politically Correct movement of the 90s to the retro, casual racism we see all around us these days? Is it that, as our society continues to change and shift into the melting pot America was always meant to be — reflected most prominently in the face of our Commander in Chief — bigots are really running scared and emboldening each other to run off at the mouth? Like…

Really, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Co.) — associating our first African-American president with a “tar baby”? Oh, but he didn’t mean to be an ignorant, racist asshole — he merely misspoke. It happens to the best of us… We think “quagmire,” but “tar baby” just jumps out as the next logical thesaurus listing.


Seriously, Glenn Beck — a biracial Spider-Man is part of a left-wing, Black Power conspiracy started by Michelle Obama? My stars, where will it all lead?? No doubt with Black Panthers, AIDS activists and Code Pink members dining on the testicles of middle-aged white men!

…And let’s not forget the story I focused on in my last post about the very threatening African-American female valedictorian in Arkansas. The list goes on, but where does this crazy train stop?

No more shutting up. No more pretending everything’s ok. No more looking the other way. And screw anyone who tries to pretend that this crap is harmless. It’s not — it’s malignant, and like a TUMUH we’ve got to cut it out.


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