The Bachmann Files

So here’s the thing: Michele Bachmann is obviously nutso. I disagree with almost every word she says, including “and,” “the” and “or.”

So I really, really hate it when she, and her supporters, have actually got a point. And they were right about that damn picture on the cover of Newsweek.

As always, Jon Stewart says it best:

And then there’s all the corndog pictures. Yeah, yeah, we get it. She’s a woman! Eating something phallic! Hah! Because it’s like she’s got a dick in her mouth! Which is what women do, they suck dicks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

For jeebus’s sake, people. The woman part? No big deal. The completely bonkers part? That is what we need to focus on.Who gives a crap if she went to John Wayne Gacy’s town instead of John Wayne’s? Who cares if she mistook Elvis’ birth date for his death date? What matters is that she’s actually got a shot at becoming president, riding a wave of completely irrational and contrary-to-all-facts wave of pissiness on the part of the Tea Party faithful.There are alrady Bachmann stickers all over SG — what the hell is wrong with this place?

And if Bachmann doesn’t get the nomination, Rick Perry is next in line — and he’s even crazier than she is! You don’t accuse the head of the Federal Reserve of treason if you’re playing with a full deck!

(And when are we going to get corndog-fellating pictures of Rick Perry? Is he going to get a crazy-eye pic on the cover of Newsweek? Somehow, I doubt it.)


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I'm a blue state girl in a red state world. Yes, I am in hell.

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