Back-to-school wardrobe FAIL

Image from — which is a great site!

Someone thought that shirt was a good idea. Those same someones, and their ilk, are shocked, SHOCKED! that anyone would find that shirt offensive. They think it’s still more evidence for how “feminists have no sense of humor” and other idiocy.

Hell, girls who go to my school in S.G. were saying they’d love to have a baby-doll-t version that said “so my geeky stalker has to do it for me.” (Someone initially suggested “so my boyfriend has to do it for me,” but there were immediate objections– “Please, X is way too cool to do homework!”)

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone why this shirt is deeply messed up… but apparently I do. Here’s a rough transcript:

Me: It’s saying looks are more important than brains.
Vapid Pretty Popular Girl 1: [blink]
Me: …which is bad.
VPPG 1: No, it’s just true.
Me: It’s telling little kids that the only thing they have to work on is being gorgeous.
VPPG 2: Well, duh. They have to learn that sooner or later, right?
Me: Except that’s wrong.
VPPG 3: Whatever. The only people who think that are ugly!
VPPGs 1, 2 and 3 giggle and high-five.

Le sigh.

The only thing that will stop the Good Matrons of S.G. from buying these shirts for their VPPG-in-training is that they’d have to go to J.C. Penney’s… and that’s where the maids shop. Horrors!

Personally, I’d like to use Amorphia Apparel’s “That’s Why I’m Voting Tea Party” line for all my back-to school wardrobe needs… but I fear that the VPPGs and their too-cool-for-homework sports-hero boyfriends would actually believe the shirts were serious.

My favorites:

Millionaires T-Shirt from I’m Voting Tea Party.

Organ-harvesting t-shirt from I’m Voting Tea Party

Gays Vote T-Shirt from I’m Voting Tea Party


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