Not successful? Obviously you’re not working your Erotic Capital!

I hardly even know where to get started here. So, first, the facts:

There’s a book out called “Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom” by  Catherine Hakim, a sociologist at the London School of Economics. It suggests that men are really, really good at using their attractiveness and sex appeal to get ahead, but women have been mislead by “patriarchal males” and “radical feminists” into believing that trading on their looks is a bad idea, and that’s why they’re discriminated against in the workplace — they’re just not concerned enough about their appearance and being sexy, and therefore they don’t get ahead.


Ok. First: How often do you hear people saying “Oh, that guy, he only reached the boardroom because he’s hot, because he used sex to get ahead.” Does that ever come up? But you hear it all the time in reference to women in power — “obviously, she slept her way to the top!” Are we supposed to believe that men are blowing their bosses so often that it’s not even remarked upon, whereas women just don’t realize that a hummer is a the best way to get ahead (no pun intended)?


Second: According the the financial site MintLife in 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that womene spent  an average of $471 per year on personal care, while men spend less than half that, about $193. But women just aren’t paying enough attention to their appearance compared to men, Hakim says. How is that possibly when they are literally paying twice as much money?

All of which should be irrelevant. In how many jobs is being not-sexy a deal-breaker? Are pilots less able to land planes if they’re not a perfect 10? Are mathematicians unable to do proofs if their hair is mussed up?

Or think of it this way: Would you refuse to let a surgeon take out your tumor unless she was a size 2 and wearing Chanel? And would you deliberately choose a surgeon who looked prettier but had less experience and a few more malpractice suits over a surgeon who dressed in ill-fitting clothes, had wrinkles and showed evidence of eating a cheeseburger in the last decade? Because if the answer is yes, you deserve what you get.


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