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I am officially in awe of this guy. He’s been running a YouTube channel for months talking about coming out in the military, but up until now, he hasn’t shown his face. Now that DADT is history, he’s completely out to the military — and he went live coming out to his dad. Holy shit, this guy is brave.

A hell of a lot braver than the Marine recruiters in Tulsa, who couldn’t go to a military recruitment drive at a gay community center without planning for a retreat:

Master Sgt. Anthony Henry, a top Marine recruiting trainer for the southwestern United States, pulled up to Tulsa’s biggest gay community center on Tuesday morning and left his Chevy where he could make a fast getaway. “I have an exit strategy,” he said. “I know where my choke points are, I’ve strategically parked my car right on the curbside, I have an out.”
New York Times

Did he think he’d face rioting drag queens a la Stonewall? Gay cooties? An orgy of hot male-on-male groping that would end with him becoming the next Tom of Finland model?? Who knew the LGBT community of Tulsa was scarier than Al-Qaeda operatives?


While I’m thrilled that DADT finally ended last week, I have another bone or two pick with our military policies in this country. Why the hell are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why is the military the only option for poor whites coming out of rural communities, for poor minorities in the cities, and for a lot of people wanting a college education? We’re cutting financial aid and Pell grants, so of course you’re going to see more kids just out of high school wanting to go into the military. Some of them want to serve their country, I know, and I respect them for that. But a lot of them want to get a chance to escape the circumstances they grew up with, and when getting shot to hell in wars we shouldn’t be in is their only option, it’s what they’ll do. It shouldn’t be their only option — not by a long shot.

So to the members of the LGBTQ community (and anyone else) who want to serve — congratulations. To those who are going into the military because they think they have no other option — god I’m sorry, and there has to be another way.


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